"You used to go in through th’hole i’ th’wall to get to Madam’s Wood. You passed Newton’s cottage – he was the manager of the pit. You could pick raspberries outside there. "
"A walk into Madam’s Wood was our Sunday afternoon walk and we’d be wearing our best clothes and new shoes. We used to get an ice cream called a “Chocolate Boat” from a little hut and walk into the wood with our boyfriends."
 "At the bottom end of Madam’s Wood past the Redgrave’s house, near Peel Lane, there was a big clearing in the woods that was full of spring flowers: narcissus and buttercups. That’s why all the roads around there are called after flowers."
"This photo is approaching from the other end, from Hilton Lane. You could walk through the wood to get to Peel Lane, but we mostly walked round and came back again."